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Our immune systems are influenced by many factors in our lives. Diet, stress, drug therapy, feelings of low self-esteem, toxins and exposure to poisons all affect our immunity. When the immune system is low many infections and infestations can suddenly enter the body and cause illness. Opportunistic diseases like candida albicans, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, mononucleosis, herpes II and many others also become a problem when the immune system is low.

Signs of a low immune system include fatigue, lethargy, repeated infections, slow wound healing, allergies, thrush, colds, flu, repeated sore throats and enlarged lymph glands. A healthy adult should suffer no more than two colds per year, therefore if you suffer with every passing infection you need to begin boosting your immune system.

In herbal medicine various areas are focused on to increase the functioning of the immune system. Diet, lifestyle, detoxification and herbs are all utilised to boost the health of an individual. Diet provides the raw materials the body needs to maintain a healthy immune system. Therefore a well balanced diet is vital. Nutritional supplements are also used to balance any deficiencies which may be present. Concerning the immune system antioxidants (e.g. vitamin C), bioflavanoids, minerals (e.g. zinc, iron), enzymes and essential fatty acids may be advised.

Detoxing the body of environmental toxins, heavy metals and internal toxins from overtaxed organs is important. Cleansing the body can have a profound effect on the immune system. In essence the detox involves fasting for 1 day drinking only water, fresh juices and herbal teas. Also fresh raw vegetables and fruit are to be eaten for two days before and after the fast.

Herbs have a natural affinity for boosting  the immune system. Various studies have revealed an increased production of white blood cells, including T-cells, phagocytes and macrophages. Herbs with immune stimulating activity are Echinacea, Astragalus, Garlic, Myrhh, Wild Indigo, Goldenseal, Poke Root, Dong Qui and many more.

Mind body medicine shows the connection between an individuals state of mind and their immune system. Therefore stress, low self esteem and depression can all contribute to a low immune system. Herbs can be used to nourish and strengthen the body in times of stress.

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