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The Consultation

First consultation will generally take at least an hour. The Herbalist will take notes on the patient's medical history and begin to build a picture of the person as a whole being. Blood tests and other diagnositic tests may be undertaken where necessary. Treatment begins commencing the consultation.

Follow up consultation takes 30 minutes where we discuss your progress with the treatment. Also how you are coping with any dietary/lifestyle changes and any new health issues. This consultation occurs two weeks after the initial appointment to assess your healing and then every month.

Healing is a matter of teamwork with patient, practitioner and the prescribed treatment all working together to restore the body to health. Treatment may include advice about diet and lifestyle as well as the herbal medicine.

The Medicine

Herbalists use a wide range of plant based materials for internal and external use. Preparations such as tinctures, fluid extracts, syrups, capsules and creams are all produced to a very high standard.

How do the herbs work?

Plants with a particular affinity for certain organs or systems of the body are used to 'feed' and restore to health those parts which have become weakened. As the body is strengthened so is its power and ability to fight off disease and when balance and harmony are restored, health will be regained.

How are herbs and drugs different?

Herbal drugs are extracts from a part of the whole plant (e.g. leaves, roots, berries etc.) and contain hundreds, perhaps thousands of plant constituents. The active constituents are balanced within the plant and are made more (or less) powerful by the numerous other substances present. Many of the pharmaceutical drugs used today are based on plant constituents and, even now, when scientists are seeking new 'cures' for disease it is to the plant world that they turn. They find, extract and then synthesise in the laboratory a single active constituent from the plant (the active constituent is the part of the plant that has a therapeutic value), this can then be manufactured on a large scale.



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